Community Development



Partnering with the local government, we help villages to create a more sustainable environment by building different forms of infrastructure. Examples are water purification and eco-toilet construction. 

我們通過與當地政府合作,透過建設不同形式的基礎設施,幫助村莊創造更加可持續的環境。 例如提供淨水措施和環保廁所的建設。

「讓小孩子到我這裏來, 不要阻止他們, 因為在天國的正是這樣的人。」


Existing Project:

Small Groups Network

in Middle East War-Torn Area



Christian Network of Small Groups in Middle East War-Torn Area 

Through the channel of small groups, we provide Christian families with children who have IDDs with pastoral support, loving care, and basic medical and food supplies. These small groups witness God’s love and shine Jesus’ light in the dark places. Many non-believing families are attracted by this sacrificial love. Jesus said, “knock and the door will be opened to you.”


中東戰爭與衝突地區 – 基督徒小組網絡: 

透過細胞小組去牧養及支援超過有智障成員的主內家庭, 定期聚會並提供屬靈餵養, 在患難中肢體彼此相顧, 見證基督的大愛, 另提供基本醫藥及食物。這小組網絡在戰亂黑暗地區為主發光, 不乏有不信的家庭也被這份愛吸引。耶穌說: 「叩門的, 就給他開門。」



Existing Project:

Intellectual & Developmental Disabilities Orphan Home

in Middle East War-Torn Area


Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities (IDDs) Orphan Home in Middle East War-Torn Area

In the war and conflict area, orphans are the most vulnerable people, even more so if they have IDDs. Jesus loves all the children, including the children with IDDs. He said, “Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these.”


中東戰爭與衝突地區 – 智障孤兒之家: 

在戰亂地區, 孤兒固然是無助的一群, 那些有智力發展障礙兒童更處於水深火熱的困境, 他們都是主耶穌所愛的, 他說: 「讓小孩子到我這裏來, 不要阻止他們, 因為在天國的正是這樣的人。」



Existing Project:

Refugee Ministry & Training of National Workers in Lebanon


Refugee Ministry & Training of National Workers in Lebanon

Go and Share Missions Canada partners with a local evangelical church in Lebanon to develop refugee ministry, which includes the establishment of churches, orphanages, schools and worker training centers. The Church is now helping these refugees by not only taking care of their physical needs, but also preaching the gospel of love, compassion and forgiveness. The Christians there become the salt and light of the local community. Millions of refugees have lost their homes and have been displaced. Their hearts are open. God is going to work on this land, and this is a great opportunity for us to respond to His Great Commission!