Children who live in poverty usually suffer from missing school. The percentage of illiteracy is high. Children are required to help their mother in the family with chores or their father to make their living. Financial aids to children in school or supporting local charity groups are some of our initiatives in education.

貧困家庭的兒童輟學情況普遍,他們需要幫助父母負起家務或謀生的工作,導致文盲率很高。 我們希望對學童提供助學金或支持當地的非謀利教育機構,使更多的孩子有機會接受高等教育,從而走出貧困,將來對社會作出貢獻。

Existing Projects

Education & Leadership Development in Cambodia

Go and Share Missions Canada offers scholarship to support teachers’ training so that they will reach university level of education. We have sponsored teachers and university students in the past few years.



English Character-Building Summer Camp in Cambodia 

We conduct summer camp to raise the English proficiency of the students and promote character-building; and offer teachers’ training in Cambodia.



University Scholarship Program in Myanmar

Go and Share Missions Canada seeks not only to help the students in hardship to receive higher education, but also to build them up as future servant-leaders in God’s kingdom. The University Scholarship Program currently supports youth who comes from orphanage, single-parent or pastor families. The representatives of Go and Share Missions Canada pay visit and encourage the sponsored students every year. Our ministry partner in Myanmar also follows up on the academic and spiritual growth of the students on regular basis. 



Leadership Development Program in Myanmar

To develop local servant-leaders, Go and Share Missions Canada has started a Youth Leadership Development Program. It is a four-year cycle program. During the first three years, there will be annual three-days youth conference. On the fourth year, the students will participate in a short-term mission trip. Besides, Go and Share Missions Canada has also started a weekly online training with the students as part of the leadership development program. We seek to provide training on spiritual formation and life skills in order to effectively follow up the spiritual growth of the students.